Fall 2017 Unified Auditions

Every year, the Theatre Roundtable hosts Unified Auditions to provide an opportunity for both amateur and professional actors to be seen by central Ohio producers and directors.

Audition Requirements: Those auditioning will have two minutes for their audition. This two minutes can be used however you would like: one monologue of considerable range; two contrasting monologues; one song of considerable range; a monologue and a song; etc. An accompanist will be provided. Bringing your own accompaniment is not allowed. There will not be a dance audition.

Technical and Other Professionals: There will NOT be tech interviews on September 30th. However, like in previous years, technical theatre and other professionals (designers, directors, choreographers, etc.) are encouraged to submit their resumes to be distributed to the producers. Tech professionals can skip Step #1 below since they will not be in attendance on September 30th.  Please fill out the registration form, pay the registration fee of $10, and send your professional materials to Andrew Protopapas directly and include a short message in the body of the email specifying that you are submitting as a technical professional.

Cost: There is a $10 fee to audition; that fee provides with you an audition slot and qualifies you to get a discounted $5 ticket to the Theatre Roundtable Awards. Please pay this fee ahead of time.  If you are unable to pay ahead of time, contact Andrew Protopapas.  Fees will be accepted the day of; however, you must pay the fee to audition. All paid audition fees are non-refundable. All registrations made after the deadline of Sunday, September 24th, will be considered late.  See below for more information about late registrations.

If you registered prior to September 24th, but are unable to pay until the week of or day of Unified Auditions, you will only need to pay $10 and are not considered late registration.

***The deadline to sign up for auditions is Sunday, September 24th. We are accepting late registrations and walk-ups if there are available slots; however, the registration fee is $25 after September 24th, including the day of auditions, and you must provide 25 hard copies of your headshot and resume for producers.  Any extra headshots and resumes will be given back to you.***

Any theatre company is welcome to sit in on the auditions. Participation is free to member organizations. For those that are not members, a $75 fee will be charged.

2017 Unified Auditions
When: 9/30/2017
Time: 2:00pm
Where: Columbus Performing Arts Center (CPAC)
549 Franklin Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

Performers age 10 and up are encouraged to audition.
***Parking is available free of charge on Franklin Avenue in addition to the parking lot directly across the street from CPAC ***

To sign up, please follow the steps below:


Step #1: Sign up for a group via Sign Up Genius:

This year, auditionees may sign up for their group slot.  Keep in mind that the actual audition order within that group will be assigned to you.  Groups later in the day will become unlocked as audition slots are filled in the earlier groups.  If you need a specific time that is currently unavailable, please email Andrew Protopapas at aprotopapas@catco.org.

Fill out the Sign-up Genius here.


Step #2: Fill out the registration form:

As in years past, each auditionee will fill out a registration form to provide the Unified Audition staff and the producers of attending theatre companies with necessary information.  This year, we would like each auditionee to provide no more than six highlighted roles as they appear on your resume.  These will be used along with your headshot and the other information from the registration form to create an actor profile sheet that all producers will have with them while you are auditioning.

Fill out the registration form here.


Step #3: Send a payment via Square to the Theatre Roundtable:

Send a payment of $10 to the Theatre Roundtable.  Payment will be accepted until the day of; however, you must pay your fee before your audition time or else you will be unable to audition.  If you are unable to pay ahead of time, please contact Andrew Protopapas.

Please follow this link to make your payment.


Step #4: Email digital copies of your headshot and resume:

Instead of physical copies of your headshot and resume, these materials will be provided digitally via the cloud to producers to view as you are auditioning.  Your materials will be stored in the cloud so that producers will have continued access to them throughout their theatre seasons.  Please send digital copies of your headshot and resume to Andrew Protopapas at aprotopapas@catco.org.


Can’t attend the 2017 Unified Auditions? No problem!

This year, the Theatre Roundtable will accept video submissions that match the audition requirements above.  If you are a submitting a video, you will still need to complete Steps #2 – #4 above, but please email your video or share via Google Drive or Dropbox with Andrew Protopapas at aprotopapas@catco.org. The fee for submitting a video audition is $10.  All videos will be shared with producers and Theatre Roundtable member companies.


For any additional questions, please contact Andrew Protopapas at aprotopapas@catco.org and take a peek at the Frequently Asked Questions Document.

Our Mission

Theatre Roundtable is committed to the belief that knowledge of, and participation in, the theatre arts is central to human existence. The Roundtable shall act as a lobbyist, promote cooperation among local theatre, encourage the development of theatre-in-education, foster theatrical diversity, work to expand the general theatre-going population, and endorse the development of professional standards.

Questions?  Contact us at: theatreroundtable@gmail.com