Our Mission

Theatre Roundtable is committed to the belief that knowledge of, and participation in, the theatre arts is central to human existence. The Roundtable shall act as a lobbyist, promote cooperation among local theatre, encourage the development of theatre-in-education, foster theatrical diversity, work to expand the general theatre-going population, and endorse the development of professional standards.     Questions?  Contact us at: theatreroundtable@gmail.com

2015 Theatre Roundtable Schedule

 2015 Theatre Roundtable Schedule of Events 

Theatre Roundtable Awards1/25/15

Now Playing

CATCO - Love Letters – 2/5/15-2/22/15

CATCOMaster Class – 2/11/15-3/1/15

Columbus Children’s TheatreHealers in the Forest - 2/12/15-2/22/15

Curtain PlayersPack of Lies - 2/13/15-3/1/15

Imagine ProductionsDreamgirls – 2/20/15-3/8/15

Shadowbox LiveSex at the Box -  1/8/15-3/21/15

Shadowbox LiveBurlesque Biographie  - 1/14/15-2/5/15

Shadowbox LiveEvo - 1/25/15-2/8/15

Short North StageI’ll Eat You Last - 2/12/15-3/1/15